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Hi Tony

Everything arrived in good order & all the great memories came flooding back. I gave the blue wildebeest to the 12 year old Boy Scout next door and I wish you could have seen the look on his face. Thanks

-Michael Colihan – New York

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Michael Colihan – New York


The oribi arrived safely yesterday. Quite the packing job! He looks great!

Thanks again.

-Michael Fetterolf –Pennsylvania

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Michael Fetterolf –Pennsylvania

I just wanted to let you know that I received the crate on Sept. 7.  Thank you for all of your hard work, everything looked good. .  Thank you again.  Hope to be back next summer (actually your winter).

-David Stone – South Carolina

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David Stone – South Carolina

Just wanted to let you know that we have received the animals!  They arrived at our parents’ home in South Carolina and this Thursday we are flying from Texas to South Carolina for a long weekend and to check them out.  Our parents say they look just amazing so we are so excited to see them.  Thanks so much to all of you and I’ll be in touch after we see them; hope you all are doing very well!

-Charles E. Ipock-Texas

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Hello South Africans! – Charles E. Ipock-Texas

I finally received my shipment yesterday.  Everything made it intact, and i give Field and Stream very high marks for the care you put into shipping.  Even the wooden kudu made it safely.

I really like the warthog skull mount and hide.  My son was thrilled with the Zebra foot lamp, even if we are going to have to figure out what kind of bulb to put in.

The Zebra’s mane is sticking up like i asked and the hide overall is very beautiful.

The back skins are very nice also.

All in all, i am very pleased with your work, and will continue to recommend you to others headed over this year.

I may try to come back next year, and if so i will use you again.

Thanks for all you did for me.

-Ronald Harvill-Texas

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Ronald Harvill-Texas

All I can say is UNBELIEVABLE! Thank you so much.

  • I finally received my crate and unpacked it last night.
  • The trophies are perfect……no shipping damage at all (maybe one quill)
  • Your taxidermy work is also fantastic
  • Every animal is so realistic
  • The pair of Springboks on the natural base look alive
  • My favorite is the pedestal mounted porcupine. I can’t imagine how you were able to mount that (those). Kim did indicate some stabbings were encountered.
  • The Eland is great. The dewlap is huge. Just the way I wanted it to show.
  • Once again, the crating was superb. Very difficult to uncrate but everything in its place and undamaged.
  • The crate was so large I had to build a special platform on my trailer to accommodate the width. It only fit in my garage with 1” of clearance above the crate. Whew!
  • I was not stabbed once with a quill….yet.
  • Now I have to decide where to put everything.
  • I’ll send some pictures when I have finished.

Once again, I want to thank all of you for your hard work and professionalism. It is a pleasure doing business with you (Jurie too). All I need to do now is make some more money to pay for future orders. I’ll have to delay my retirement with the stock market the way it is. Hopefully my elephant “Parts” will be coming to you soon. Thanks Again.

-Terry Christensen- Connecticut

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Terry Christensen- Connecticut

Our trophies arrived yesterday! We were so excited to tear into the crate (yet carefully) and get the animals out and displayed! They were so well meticulously wrapped and strapped in there was no way damage could happen. Field and Stream did a fabulous job in the taxidermy work. The wood craftsmanship was fantastic as well. We are so pleased with the Kiaatt wood and the final product.

As soon as our family and friends found out the crate had arrived, so did the onlookers to ooh and ahh! Leon said he had read that receiving the trophies was like reliving the hunt again and he agreed! It is hard to believe more than a year has already passed since that wonderful adventure!

Thanks again for sharing South Africa with us in so many dimensions! We can’t wait to return. Believe it or not, Leon has his list of animals started for next time!

Love, Leon and Michelle Wiebers – Colorado

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Leon and Michelle Wiebers – Colorado

Kim, All is well here and yes we have received our shipments in good condition and as far as my animals are concerned, i am pleased. My only problem is i am running out of space an if you can be of any assistance in this matter it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again for all your help.

-Alexius Gargano-New York

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Alexius Gargano-New York

Meinke, Great. Thanks again for all of your help. My experience with your company has been outstanding. I’ll be sure to pass along some feedback once the crate arrives. I’ve chosen surface freight to save a few bucks so it will be a few months until the crate arrives.

-Alex Alex Wirts-Vermont USA

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Alex Wirts-Vermont USA

Trophies arrived and they look awesome… guys did a great job. thanks again.


Mike & Vincent (Mike Krantz- California)

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Mike & Vincent (Mike Krantz- California)

Contact Information

Field and Stream Taxidermy
3 Industria Road
Louis Trichardt092

Phone: +27 15 516 1081
  • Hello everyone, Got my trophies today, everything looks Great !

    You Guys do great work !

    Richard Moreland


    Richard Moreland – Maryland
  • I drove to New Orleans, La. yesterday and picked up my trophies from my 2011 African hunt. After returning home is disassembled my crate and then assembled

    Greg Duncan – Mississippi
  • Kim, after much anticipation I finally received my mounts yesterday. I must say that everyone at Field & Stream did a great job! I am very pleased

    Gordon Myers – Indiana
  • Hello,

    We picked up our tanned hides today and we wanted to let you know how pleased we are with them!  The skins are so soft.  Whoever

    Forrest & Kathy Anderson – North Carolina
  • My Blesbuck and Gemsbuck trophies were finally delivered today and WOW!!!!!!…… did a super job!!!!!!!!!!!! my hat is off to everyone involved

    Bill Knall – Ohio
  • To the staff at Field and Stream

    I can’t thank you enough for another outstanding job that you did on our trophies. My taxidermist that

    Gino Gianetti
  • Hi

    I thought it would be a nice thing to do with the pieces, I had no idea it would be so beautiful.

    You will certainly do all my taxidermy work;

    Dave Densmore
  • Meinke, My Dad finally inventoried the crate.  He just sent me an email telling me that everything is there and looks great.  I can’t wait to check it

    Alex Wirts – Vermont
  • Trophies have arrived safely to Spain.
    Beautiful and very well done.
    Hope in a couple of years we will continue to be good customers

    Luis Ruspoli – Spain
  • Hi Meinke, Tony, Benito, and the Field & Stream Team,

    Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know our crate arrived in Brisbane last

    Ben Salleras