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we process approximately 2250 trophies every year

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Owner and master taxidermist Tony Rathbone was born in Zambia and “brought up on stories of the great hunting days of the 1950’s, love of nature, wildlife and hunting was started in early childhood.”

It all began as a hobby many years ago and “Field and Stream Taxidermy”, was started in 1986 in Louis Trichardt –and is now one of the largest studios in Southern Africa, we employ 24 staff members. In Tony’s opinion there are many taxidermists but few wildlife artists out there, so careful consideration should be the order of the day before handing over to a taxidermist.

we process approximately 2250 trophies every year, making us one of the leading taxidermist in Southern-Africa

Tony Rathbone

master taxidermist / owner

Tony Rathbone – Owner

We do everything on site, we sculpt and make our own forms and mannikins. We also make a number of curios on site as well. – Tony

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Trophy Maintenance

Mounted trophies DO require maintenance.

  • Don’t leave mounted trophies in direct sun light.
  • Don’t leave them in an open area where they are exposed to open air.
  • Don’t hang them up above your fire place.
  • Don’t leave rug mounts & other trophies where dogs can chew ears and tails.

We treat our trophies with a water based cereal fur oil. Please contact us for further maintenance instructions.