Keeping your mounts away from direct sunlight. Ultra violet rays of the sun have the same effect on a mounted animals that they do on everything else. Have you ever noticed that a painted wall will fade after a few years of being in direct sunlight? The UV rays can fade the hide of your trophy and making it appear older and faded. UV rays can make the hide brittle and it can shrink much like dry heat if it is placed in the sun for years. When choosing a place to hang your mount, choose a location that is out of direct sunlight or outside and changes in the weather, ie. excessive moister will have a negative effect on a mount’s life span. Never hang your mount in a moist damp area like a basement. Moisture can create mold and all kinds of problems for a mount that should remain dry at all times. Trophies require after care like any leather product;


First and foremost, never hang your mount over a fireplace, wood stove, or any other heating unit. When most hunters consider where they want to put their trophy they think it would look great over a fireplace. We remember that is where grandad put his. Dry heat is the worst thing for a trophy mount, heat is a big no-no. Heat dries out the hide of a mounted animal, which causes it to shrink and causes the hair to become dry and brittle, making the trophy appear older than it actually is. Keeping your mount away from excessive dry heat will help it look good for a long time.